Adult Loft Bed With Stairs: Attractive And Functional

Adult Loft Bed With Stairs Stairs

Adult loft bed with stairs – A loft bed can be a bed in a loft, a raised platform bed with activity space under it. Or a universal furniture unit that creates a two-story room-in-a-room. If you have a ceiling height. And sometimes even without it – a clever use of space given by loft beds results in an attractive and functional space for playing and dreaming.

Live large in a small bedroom with a typical loft bed. A built-in custom bed makes best use of available space. Coordinate bed height of a tall armoire that hides toy and clothes clutter. Adult loft bed with stairs at one end gives bookshelves in treads. And easy access to high bed. There is space under bed for a nice, thick carpet and beanbag chair. Or interlocking rubber tiles alphabet and even more toys. Or save some money and transform a bunk bed. Remove lower bed, keeping frame, top bunk and a ladder. Hang theater curtains from top bunk to create a scene under bed and let show begin.

Adult loft bed with stairs does not have to be up on balcony of a loft. Young children should not use high beds for safety so put a child height. Or standard vintage bed in an industrial-style loft. And use air space whimsical decor. Incompatible shabby chic flea market finds, floral. And patterned bed linens, antique toys and a child size tables and chairs or desks make it feel like home.

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