Basis For Creating An Elegant Twin Tufted Headboard

Classic Twin Tufted Headboard

Plywood can be used as the basis for creating an elegant twin tufted headboard, which will be luxurious but the average cost as much as a store bought one. Button – wicks header is quite tedious and time consuming, but the results are worth the effort, and is not a complicated job. A double header should be 60 inches wide and as high as you want. Mark pattern twin tufted headboard, as they will be at the head of the bed on a piece of half-inch-thick 30 – by -60- inch plywood. Drill a whole 1/8-inch in each key position right through the plywood. The pattern button can be of any design you choose

Place the plywood over a wooden frame 30 by 60 inches. This could be a picture frame or base frame canvas of an artist or a wooden frame homemade. Secure the plywood to the frame with 1-inch screws driven every 8-10 inches around the edge of the wood in the frame. Spray a piece of 30 – -60- inch by 1 inch thick foam spray adhesive, and stick to the front of the plywood. Do not worry about covering up the eyelets; they will still be accessible from the rear.

Place a piece of batting on a work surface and place the head frame of plywood and foam down on top. Pull the sides of the batting up and over the frame and staple in place before cutting the excess with scissors. This adds an extra layer of padding and creates a deeper script with the buttons apply. Spread the fabric chosen to twin tufted headboard down the right side and put the heading face down on top. Pull the fabric at the sides and staple in place as it did for the batting. Turn the head over so the back is exposed. A staple hammer three quarters of the way beside each of the holes in the button. Thread a large needle with strong cotton and tie the end of the clip next to the first buttonhole.

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Pass the needle through the hole in the plywood and straight ahead through the foam, batting and fabric. Be careful to keep the needle straight, so it is in line with the position of the hole. Pull the cotton thread through taught, then thread a needle on the button and push down into position at the front of the head. Passing the needle through the holes of the button and back through the fabric, wadding and foam and the hole in the plywood. Pull the thread tight to the button folds and creates the classic shag dash in the main twin tufted headboard. Tie the thread out of the clip, keeping it tight while doing so. Hammer staple the rest of the way to secure the thread and button. Repeat for all holes button to complete the button – tufted headboard bed.