Best Leather Ottoman With Storage

Stylish Leather Ottoman With Storage

Leather ottoman with storage – An ottoman is useful in most of the rooms as a place to put your feet, place books or provide additional seating. Leather is a durable fabric that you can easily clean, making leather ottoman low maintenance. To ensure you receive an ottoman that is exactly what you need to build one to your specific dimensions. Doing the project yourself also allows you to choose the leather color and texture you want.

Cut two pieces of MDF, each 12 inches high and 24 inches wide, with its circular saw. This is the front and back of your frame of leather ottoman with storage. Cut two pieces of MDF with your saw, each 12 inches high and 18 inches wide. These are the side pieces for the ottoman.

Leather ottoman with storage, measure and cut two 18-inch-long pieces of timber 2 by 4 inches. Apply wood glue on the back of a two by four. Position flush against the bottom of a board Ottoman side. Use wood screws on the boards, using the drill to secure the two by four. Repeat with four seconds and two side panels. Fit the Ottoman and the pieces in the same way. Apply wood glue to the edges and place each piece on the edge of the side boards. Drill screw joints to keep the front part and the rear part of the side panels.

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