Best Mirrored King Headboard Design

Awesome Mirrored King Headboard

Mirrored king headboard – Mirrored furniture is undeniably glamorous and mirrored headboards are no exception. Authentic mirrored Art Deco beds are hard to find, and they are quite expensive, if you find one. Before you rush out to buy a reproduction that cost almost as much as an antique, consider some DIY projects that give you the same glamorous feel for much less. Hang a large mirror, One of the simplest ways you can get the look of a mirrored headboard is about to hang a framed mirror behind your bed. Go sleek and modern or ornate and gilded, whichever best suits the style of your room. Choose one that is close to the width of your bed in size and hang it safely.

Mirrored king headboard, Mirror an existing Headboard, Search thrift stores for a used headboard with inset panels or a wide flat surface. Have a glass company cut mirrors to fit the firmament or insets and attach them with glue. Before you put mirrors, you can paint the headboard. Wood is nice in general, but a painted finish matches the mirrored look better. Go with glossy black or white, or faux finish in metallic gold or silver. It will be hard to take headboard back to its original state, so do not try this on a valuable antique or a piece of sentimental value.

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Mirrored king headboard, Construct a simple rectangular headboard out of plywood, with 1- by 4 s to the legs. The complaints mirror panel to the plywood. A glass company can cut the mirror size for you. Next, apply decorative fretwork to the surface of the mirror. Depending on the desired appearance, use fretwork of the entire mirror surface, or just at the corners. If you cannot find a stock fretwork pattern you like, use a jigsaw to cut a special shape. Design based on Eastern architecture look lovely, as do mid-century geometric patterns. Trim the edges of your mirrored king headboard with storage molding and paint the trim and fretwork to match.

If you were bored with your mirrored headboard, you can replace mirrored headboard with a waterfall of colorful pearl strands, or decoupage a large collage of your favorite places, flowers or fabric swatches, and hang it on the wall as a headboard. Remove the mirrored headboard from the metal bed frame. Look at the connections at the base of the gable; metal frame typically placed into the headboard. The frame should stand alone and support your mattress with no headboard attached.

Replace mirrored headboard with a simple wall tapestry or quilt, you can hang on to his seat behind your bed. Attach fabric to a wooden stick with velcro, wooden stick and hang on the wall with wall hooks. Put at least one hook into a wall stud. Replace the mirror end with an old wooden door or a bookcase. You can hang either wooden objects horizontally behind your bed with wall hangers inserted into a wall stud. Measure the available wall space behind your mattress to find the midpoint, and center the door or bookcase over your bed. You can find old wooden doors with lots of character on a local architectural salvage yards, thrift stores and antique malls.

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