Black Ottoman With Storage

Leather Black Ottoman With Storage

Black ottoman with storage – A large ottoman can serve multiple purposes. Besides providing additional storage, it can act as a footrest or more seats. A custom storage ottoman is a relatively simple process, even if you have advanced carpentry skills or expensive tools. Using basic household supplies food and craft shops, you can do an ottoman that is functional and decorative.

Sketch out of the rectangular base of the box to form the basis of the ottoman, you can make a black ottoman with storage with easily, making a note of the dimensions, the upper and lower parts should be slightly larger than the rectangle formed by the sides. Cutting boards or plywood to the table: two identical pieces for the top and bottom, two long sides and two pieces for the shorter sides. Choose dimensions to suit your room. 3 feet by 2 feet Ottoman provide space for a variety of items. More home building supplies cut wood for you.

Treat Ottoman sides to create the desired end. For a clean look, leave the flat sides. If you want an upholstered finish, wrap the fabric around the side panels and use a staple gun to secure it in place. Create the look of wood carving sticking faux molding strips around the perimeter of each side make a black ottoman with storage nice. Use a drill and hammer and nails or screws to attach the side parts of the base of the ottoman. Center of the lower frame and use screws or nails to fix it. Leave the top of the open box. Furniture glue felt to the bottom corners of the base or put small wheels to allow the Ottoman slides easily.

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