Comfortable Full Size Loft Bed Plans

Wooden Full Size Loft Bed Plans

Full size loft bed plans – Loft beds are a great way to take advantage of the vertical space in a room. By lifting the bed off the floor and into a loft position you can free up space below. You can buy a kit or call a contractor to install a loft bed, but if you have a free weekend and are willing to work hard, you can do it yourself.

Sketch your full size loft bed plans. Build the frame. You can use just one sheet of plywood but for stability and security, moldings and plywood is better. Fix the frame in the wall. Create platform for your loft bed furniture. The frame includes posts, rails and ledges bed but now need a little extra stability. Place the plywood of wooden slats and secure the plywood to the wood slats. Place the mattress and box springs on the platform.

Build steps. When you build a full size loft bed plans, doing the steps and attach it to the bed frame and platform. Decorating the bed. Finish the bed with a wood stain or paint to pretty up the room. Then make the bed. Now that you have constructed your loft bed, consider putting new space under to good use.

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