Original Ideas For Shoe Storage Ottoman

Grey Shoe Storage Ottoman

If you’re from ours, you probably have so many pairs of shoes. And you know how easy it is to get ruined if the guards “just like that” on a shelf in the closet. Shoe storage ottoman is not only the object of our devotion, but they are not cheap. It is essential that you take care. Be inspired by these ideas to create a shoe storage space in your room, using little space and creativity.

Use of space under the stairs. It can be installed drawers under the stairs, as you see in the picture. Also, it is possible to manufacture the boxes under each step but then requires more work. Shoe storage ottoman and decor. If contras with colorful shoes, with cute prints and good quality, you can use them as part of the deco of your room or closet. You just need to hang strips of molding and hooks. Combined with a strong and ready chair in color. Divine the outcome, right?

Armchair with shoe storage ottoman interior space saved. This idea seems sensational. The ottoman is already a super female seat. What better advantage inside to keep your favorite shoes? Simple boxes with pictures. This idea is unsophisticated but in its simplicity lays the beauty of the proposal. Using the same large boxes together, placed the picture of each pair, for identification. It is very cute.

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