Rustic Pine Headboard Design Ideas

Rustic Pine Headboard Style Ideas

Rustic pine headboard – is a soft wood that works beautifully as a headboard with your country style bedroom decor. You can make your own rustic pine headboard with a few simple steps. Have your guy boards cut to size when you buy them at your local lumber yard or home improvement store. The instructions here are for a split style framed headboard to fit behind a double bed with a two-inch hangover on both sides. Adjust the Board of Directors measurements that are necessary to conform your mattress size

Make a frame for your rustic pine headboard by attaching one of the 58- inch-long with 6- inch planks into one of the 28-inch long boards to form an “L” shape. Add boards face down and use the 3-inch metal fittings and wood screws to join the pine together at the back of the boards. Let the frame down and start to insert the seven 4-inch-wide-by-58- inch-long pine boards down in the opening of the frame. Passed all the boards into the opening so that it is completely filled.

Place two wooden underlay strips on top of pine boards, perpendicular to the 4-inch slats. Place the strips, then 2 inches was on both the top and bottom of the frame boards. Sand your headboard with light sandpaper, then wipe with a damp cloth to remove abrasive debris. Perform your guy headboard with a few layers of light stain or clear polyurethane, whichever works best with your bedroom decor. Let finish dry. Attach hangers on the back of the rustic pine headboard and the wall.

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